305BetSwirl - Create Pool and register Market
306Create the Kwenta Pool
307Thales - Create Pool and register Markets
cyberduck, Cavalier
338Set Arbitrum Yield-Generating Asset LP & Issuance Variables
Matt, DSacks
339Reconfigure sUSDe Issuance Ratio
341Lower maxMarketValue RNDR to zero
2125Lower maxMarketValue RNDR to zero


340Enable Perps V3 Markets / Update Parameters
2098Creating referral code and tracking code for CyberDEX implementator
2113Update Dynamic Redeemer Discount Rate - Slow Decay


1SCCP Purpose and Guidelines
2Change C Ratio to 750%
3Raise exchange fee to 50 basis points for two weeks
4Raise exchange fee to 50 basis points for two weeks
5Increase Arb Pool Distribution to 5%
6Reduce Claim Buffer
7Reduce exchange fee to 30 basis points for two weeks
Arthur, nocturnalsheet
8Increase exchange fee back to 50 basis points
9Redeploy iXTZ and iBNB
10Reduce minter reward for supply schedule
11Raise Trading Fee to 100bps
12Temporarily Deactivate Exploited Assets
13Temporarily lower fee claim buffer to 500%
14Increase Collateralisation Ratio to 800%
15Increase ETH Collateral sETH Limit
16Increase Fee Reclamation Waiting Period to 1 hour
17Reduce incentives for sETH/ETH Uniswap pool
18Temporary iETH limits
19Cancel ArbRewarder's SNX Rewards
20Reduce SNX rewards for sETH/ETH Uniswap pool
22Reduce Rewards On Curve
23Reduce SNX rewards for sETH/ETH Uniswap pool
24Setting initial differential fee levels
25Reduce Liquidation Time Delay
26Lower c-ratio to 750%
27Reduce Collateral Ratio For sETH Loans
28Reduce Rewards On Curve - SNX 32,000
29End SNX rewards for sETH/ETH Uniswap pool v1
30Lower c-ratio to 700%
31Increase Commodity Fees
32Increase Fees on Stock Synths
35Reduce Rewards On Curve to 24,000 SNX
36Increase Fees on Stock Synths 50 bp
37Increase Fees on Silver to 50 bp
38Increase Fees on Silver and Gold to 100 bp
39Increase Forex Fees
40Increase Fee Reclamation Waiting Period to 10 minutes
41Lower C-Ratio by 100% to 600%
42Lower rewards on Curve to SNX 8,000
43Pollux Updates for Chainlink Oracles
44Drop EtherCollateral fees to zero
47Raise Fees on Crypto Synths to 50 bp
48Raise Fees on Crypto Synths to 100 bp
49Distribute 16k SNX to iETH incentives
50Pause s/iDEFI ahead of LEND->AAVE migration
51Update sDEFI index
52Change Debt Snapshot Stale Time to 4 Hours
53Remove LEND Aggregator from ExchangeRates contract
55Change Debt Snapshot Stale Time to 12 Hours
56Reduce exchange fees of sETH and sBTC to 0.3%
57Reduce fee reclamation window to three minutes (180 seconds)
58Increase Fees on DEFI and CEX to 100 bp
59Reduce the target Collateralisation Ratio for SNX stakers to 500%
60Suspend sBCH and iBCH synths until after BCH hard fork
61Increase fees on iETH to 0.50%
62Increase fees on iETH to 0.75% and sETH to 0.50%
63Remove Temporary iETH limits
64Increase fees on iBTC to 0.50%
65Increase fees on sBTC to 0.50% and iBTC to 0.75%
66Increase Spartan Council seats to 8
67Change Configurable Values for SIP-97 and SIP-103
SynthaMan, Kaleb
68Increase Fee Reclamation Waiting Period to 6 minutes
69Increase Fees on Leveraged Inverse Synths
Kaleb, Spreek, Danijel, farmwell
70Raise maxDebt on Multi-Collateral Loans to sUSD 20 million from sUSD 10 million
71Lower Fees on Frozen Inverse Synths
72Inverse Synths Leverage Fee Adjustment (iBNB)
73Inverse Synths Leverage Fee Adjustment (iETH)
77Update sDEFI and iDEFI
78Change Spartan Council Epoch to quarterly (3 months)
79Increase Account Mergers Deadline
80Lower Fees on Selected Synths
82Decrease Collateralization&Liquidation Ratio on sUSD Loans to 130% from 150%
83Apply Market Closure Mechanism on Forex and Commodity Synths
84Lower Fees on iETH
85Increase loans and shorts cap to 30 million
86Initialize New Account Merging Window
87Increase loans and shorts cap to sUSD 40 million
88Increase loans and shorts cap to sUSD 50 million
89Redirect iETH rewards to sETH Shorting Rewards
90Update priceDeviationThresholdFactor to 1.6
91Increase loans and shorts cap to sUSD 65 million from sUSD 50 million
92Distribute 16k SNX to sBTC shorting reward incentives
93Slighly increase the circuit breaker deviation
94Increase loans and shorts cap to sUSD 75 million from sUSD 65 million
95Increase loans and shorts cap to sUSD 90 million from sUSD 75 million
96Increase L2 Target C-Ratio To 1000%
97Increase migrateEntriesThresholdAmount to 164500
98Rebalance sDEFI and iDEFI
100Initial Parameters of ETH Wrappr
101Decrease Cap on sUSD and sETH loans
102Increase Cap on Wrappr from 5k ETH to 15k ETH
103Increase Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 2%
104Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 100 bp from 200 bp
105Increase Cap on Wrappr to 50k ETH from 15k ETH
108Reduce Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 50 bp from 200 bp
109Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 50 bp from 100 bp
110Increase Cap on Wrappr to 75k ETH from 50k ETH
111Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 37.5 bp from 50 bp
112Ending Trial ETH Loan Programs
113Decrease SNX Inflationary Rewards on Curve to 6k SNX
114Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 25 bp from 37.5 bp
115Increase Cap on Wrappr to 100k ETH from 75k ETH
116Reduce Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 25 bp from 50 bp
117Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 5 bp from 25 bp
118Increase Cap on Wrappr to 125k ETH from 100k ETH
119Decrease SNX Inflationary Rewards on ETH shorts to 8k SNX from 16k SNX
120Decrease SNX Inflationary Rewards on BTC shorts to 8k SNX from 16k SNX
121Increase Cap on Wrappr to 175k ETH from 125k ETH
123Remove SNX Inflationary Rewards on ETH shorts
125Remove SNX Inflationary Rewards on BTC shorts
126Initiate New Account Merging Window
127Lower Target Collateralization Ratio 450% from 500%
128Lower Target Collateralization Ratio from 450% to 400%
131Increase migrateEntriesThresholdAmount to 720000
132Fee Rates for L2 Exchanging
133Increase volume partner rewards to 10K SNX p/month
134Reduce L2 Target C-Ratio To 900%
135Open Account Merging Continuously
136Increase L2 Inflationary Rewards to 50k
137Reduce L2 Target C-Ratio To 750%
138Reduce L2 Target C-Ratio To 600%
139Re-enable price feeds that certain live markets on Thales Protocol rely on
140Reduce L2 Target C-Ratio To 500%
141Up the Weekly SNX Minting reward
142Increase L2 Inflationary Rewards to 75k
143Increase L2 ETH Wrappr Max cap to 1,500 ETH and Lower Minting Fee to 5 bp
144Increase L2 ETH Wrappr Max cap to 2,200 ETH
145Increase L2 ETH Wrappr Minting Fee to 250 bp
146Disabling New Shorts From Being Open Mainnet
147Increasing the cap on the DAI wrappr to 30m and lower the minting fee on DAI to 5 bp
148Increase Cap on LUSD Wrappr to 30 million sUSD On L2
149Update Atomic Swap Parameters
150Wrappr Parameter Changes (L2)
151Wrappr Parameter Changes (L1)
152Increase LUSD Wrappr cap to 50m sUSD (L2)
153Increase Volume Cap on Atomic Exchanges
154Include sEUR to Atomic Exchanges
156Update LUSD Wrappr Parameters
157Update sETH/ETH Wrappr Parameters
158Update sETH/ETH Wrappr Parameters
159Allow for sETH borrowing against ETH deposits
160Update LUSD Wrappr Parameters
161Increase L2 Inflationary Rewards to 100k
162Update Parameters of Atomic Swap
163Update Optimism Chainlink Oracles to OCR
164Extend burn lock to seven days
165Update LUSD Wrappr Parameters
166Lower L2 Exchange fees to 25 bp
167Lower baseBorrowRate on Synth Loans to 0.25%
168Update Parameters of Layer 2 Wrapprs
169Update Parameters of Dynamic fees
170Update Parameters of ETH Wrappr
171Increase `BaseFee` on AVAX to 35 bp from 25 bp
172Decrease `minInitialMargin` for futures markets from 100 to 40 sUSD
173Update Base Fees
174Update Base Fees
175Update Base Fees
176Update Base Fees
177Update Base Fees
178Disable New Loans against renBTC
179Update Futures Fees
180Unpause Futures Markets
181Unpause Futures Markets
182Update Open Interest Limits
183Update Dynamic Fee Parameters
184Update Open Interest Limits
185Update Open Interest Limits
186Lower Rate Stale Period
187Update Open Interest Limits - Increase sGOLD (sXAU)
Matt, Millie, MasterMojo
189Change SNX inflationary distribution ratio
190Update Fees & Atomic Volatility Circuit Breakers Parameters
191Update Futures Fees Parameters
192Futures - Lower min keeper fee from 20 sUSD to 5.
193Lower LUSD Wrapper Burn Fee
194Increase ETH Futures Base Fee
195Increase Max Initial Leverage
196Pause Increase in Base Inflation
198Adjust LUSD Wrapprs
199Lower C-Ratio and adjust parameters for SIP-148
200Adjust LUSD Wrappr Parameters
202Lower the skew scale
203Increase ETH Wrappr Burn Fee Rate to 5%
204Raising the target c-ratio to 350%
206Update LUSD Wrapper Parameters
208Lower target staking ratio
209Update Synth Loans Backed by ETH
210Improve Pricing of Atomic Swaps
211Increase target staking ratio and lower adjustments and decay rate
212Raise the skew scale
213Change Oracle Source To 30BP ETH/USDC
214Update Fees on Silver Futures
215Lower `minKeeperFee` to 1 sUSD
216Raising the target c-ratio to 400% and decreasing liquidation ratio to 145%
217Lower Atomic Twap Window
219Update Atomic Swaps
221Update Futures & Spot Price Parameters
222Unpause Futures Markets - DebtRatio ,DOGE & BNB
223Increase Max Initial Leverage on Traditional Markets
226Increase Atomic Exchange Fees - ETH
227Increase Atomic Twap Window - Atomic Swaps
228Unpause XMR Market
230Increase number of serving Ambassadors
Millie, Matt, Mojo
231Temporarily Lower Max Atomic Volume Per Block
232Lower Target Collateralization Ratio 350% from 400% temporarily
233Unpause OP Market
234Addressing an Issue in SNX Inflation Released on 07/09/2022
235Update Atomic Swap Parameters
236Update Futures Markets Parameters
237Update Debt-PERP Market Parameters
238Increase BTC Futures Market Open Interest
239Update OP-PERP Market Parameters
240Raising the target c-ratio to 400%
241Update DOGE Futures Parameters
242Update Atomic Swap Fees
243Update SOL-PERP
244Increase exchange fees for sSOL
245Update SOL perp parameters
246Update staking liquidation parameters
250Update Open Interest Limits
252LUSD Unwrap
254Update ETH Exchange Fee
256Update Atomic Swap Parameters
257Update Cross Asset Swaps - 1inch Integration
258Update Debt-PERP Market Parameters
260Update Synthetix Liquidation Parameters
261Increase Max Initial Leverage Slightly on All Markets
262Increase Spot sETH Fees
263Cross Asset Swap Parameters / 1inch Integration
264DAI Wrapper
265Update ETH Wrapper Parameters
268Update staking liquidation parameters
269Update Fees - Spot Exchanges
270Lower Max Market Value USD - sDebtRatio
271Increase PerpsV2 Keeper Incentives
272Update Wrapper Parameters
273Pause new loans
275Update Wrapper Parameters
277Enable Perps V2 Markets / Update Parameters
278Unwind Perps V1 Markets
279Increase ETH Wrapper Capacity
280Increase the rateStalePeriod
281Update Atomic Swap Parameters
284Update ExchangeFeeRate - Non Atomic Trades
285Increase minimum C-ratio to 500%
William87, Alpha003, poilk
286Increase OI Perp Caps on ETH and BTC
William87, Alpha003, poilk
287Increase OI Perp Caps on ETH and BTC
288Update Issue Fee Rate - Shorts
290Increase Perp Max Market Value
William87, Alpha003, poilk
291Increase Max `exchangeMaxDynamicFee`
293Update Perp Parameters
294Pause Decrease in SNX Base Inflation
295Deter Trading with Atomic & Delayed Orders
296Lower Max Liquidation Fee
297Lower Liquidator Fee Ratio
298Increase Max Funding Velocity
300Set council minimumActiveMembers to n-1
304snxETH V3 Spot Market
Afif, Noah
308Update Perps V3 - L1 and L2 Gas Units
309Increase Base LP limit to 1m USDC
310Increase Base OI limits to 1m USDC
311Increase Base LP limit to 10m USDC
312Increase Base ETH and BTC OI limits to $20m
313USDC LP incentives for Base
314SNX LP incentives for Base
315Update Perps V3 Parameters
316Enable Perps V3 Markets / Update Parameters
317Update Perps V3 Gas Units
318Increase Max Perp Positions Per Account - Perps V3
319Increase Base LP limit to 21.92m USDC
320Update Perps V3 Parameters
321Update Perps V3 Parameters - MakerFee
322Update Perps V3 Parameters
323Enable Perps V3 Markets / Update Parameters
324Increase Max Perp Positions Per Account - Perps V3
325Update Perps V3 - L2 Gas Units
326Update Perps V3 Parameters
327Enable Perps V3 Markets / Update Parameters
328Update Perps V3 Parameters
329Increase Max Perp Positions Per Accounts - Perps V3
330StataUSDC 5m LP cap
331Increase Base USDC LP limit to 100m
332Update Perps V3 Parameters
335Update Perps V3 Parameters
336Update Arbitrum LP caps
Cavalier, Millie
337Update name of Arbitrum Stablecoin
2000Enable Perps V2 Markets / Update Parameters
2001Increase `minKeeperFee`
2002Increase `maxLeverage` by 10%
2003Bedrock Perp Market Preparations
2004Enable Perps V2 Markets / Update Parameters - Batch 2
2005Update Perp Parameters
2006Update Dynamic Gas Module Parameters
2007Disabling New Shorts From Being Open
2008Sunset Perps V1 Markets
2009Lower `offchainDelayedOrderMinAge` and `offchainDelayedOrderMaxAge`
2010Update 1inch Cross Asset Swap Direct Integration
2011Update DAI Wrapper Parameters
2012Double Max Market Value of OP-PERP
Burt Rock, Fifa Bobeefa, LONO
2013Update 1inch Cross Asset Swap Direct Integration
2014Update Perp Parameters
2015stETH Perp Parameters
2016Update PEPE and FLOW Perp OI
2017Increase Price Divergence PEPE
2018Update Perp Parameters
2019Update Perp Parameters - Offchain Maker Fee
2020Update Perp Parameters - offchainDelayedOrderMinAge
2021Update Perp Parameters - FTM Market
2022Update Perp Parameters - MaxPD and MaxLiquidationDelta
2023Update Perp Parameters - MaxMarketValue
2024Update Perp Parameters - XRP Skew Scale
2025Update Perp Parameters - Increase Max Market Value
2026Update Perp Parameters - Update `offchainDelayedOrderMinAge`
2027Update Perp V2 Parameters
2028Update DAI Wrapper `maxTokenAmount`
2029Enable Perps V2 Markets / Update Parameters
2030Update Perp Parameters
2031Update Perp Parameters - Increase CRV Max Market Value
2032Perp Parameters - WLD
2033Update Perp Parameters - Update WLD Skew Scale
2034Update Perp Parameters
2035Update 1inch Integration - Fusion Address
2036Update USDT Perps V2 - `maxPD` and `maxLiquidationDelta`
2037Increase `maxPriceDivergence` for perps v2 markets
2038Update Perps V2 Parameters
2039Update ETH Wrapper `maxTokenAmount`
2040Update Perp Parameters
2041Enable Perps V2 Markets / Update Parameters
2042Enable Perps V2 Markets - ZRX & UMA
2043Update Perp Parameters
2044Unpause stETH/ETH market
2045Update Skew Scale Parameters
2046Update Max Market Value - GMX / LDO
2047Update 1inch Integration - Fusion Address
2048Update Max Market Value
2049Update APE Market Parameters
2050Update Perps V2 Parameters
2051Temporarily Boost Optimism's Inflation
2052Update Perps V2 Parameters
2053Update Perps V2 Parameters
2054Update Perps V2 Parameters
2055Update Perps V2 Parameters
2056Update Perps V2 Parameters
2057Update Perps V2 Parameters
2058Update Perps V2 Parameters
2059Update Perps V2 Parameters
2060Update ETH Wrapper Parameters
2061Update Exchange Fee Parameters
2062Update Synth Exchange Parameters
2063Enable Perps V2 Markets / Update Parameters
2064Update Perps V2 Parameters
2065Update Perps V2 Parameters
2066Update Account Merge Window
2067Update Perps V2 Parameters
2068Drop Perps V1 Markets from the Futures Market Manager
2069Update Perps V2 Parameters
2070Increase BTC Perp Market `maxMarketValue`
2071Update ENJ Perps V2 Market
2072Update TRB Perps V2 Market
2073Update Perps V2 Parameters
2074Lower maxMarketValue on UMAP Perp
2075Update Perps V2 Parameters
2076Enable Perps V2 Markets - JTO & ORDI
2077Activate the MMV Risk Control Module
2078Decrease XMR Perp MaxMarketValue
2079Decrease DYDX Perp MaxMarketValue
2080Update Perps V2 Parameters
2081Update Loan Parameters
2082Enable Perps V2 Markets / Update Parameters
2083Increase OI Cap - FIL
2084Reduce offchainDelayedOrderMaxAge from all PerpV2 markets
2085Update LUSD Wrapper Parameters
2086Update Perps V2 Parameters
2087Update LUSD Wrapper Parameters
2088Update ETH Wrapper Parameters
2089Update Loan Parameters
2092Update Perps V2 Parameters
2095Deprecate V2 Legacy Loans / Wrappers
2096Update Perps V2 Parameters
2097Update Perps V3 Gas Units
2099Increase PEPE Perp Cap
2100Update Perps V2 Parameters
2101Update Issuance Ratio
2102Update burnFeeRate
2103Enable Dynamic Redeemer
2104Lower Oi Caps on FET on Perps V2
2105Update Dynamic Redeemer Discount Rate
2106Update Perps V2 Parameters
2107Deprecate FET Perps V2 Market
2108Lower Oi Cap On Perps V2 Markets
2109Lower Wrapper maxTokenAmount
2110Redeem `0xb84ac` At Parity
2111Deprecate ETH Backed Loans
2112Update Dynamic Redeemer Discount Rate
2114Update Issuance Ratio
2115Update Issuance Ratio
2116Update Perps V2 Parameters
2117Update Issuance Ratio
2118Redeem `0x1B51cCe51` At Parity
2119Update Issuance Ratio
2122Reduce target staking ratio to 300%
2124Synth Redemption - Treasury Council


21Widen iSynth Price Bands
33Binary Options market undo
34Binary Options fees distribution
46Lower C-Ratio by 100% to 500%
74Time lock on burning after minting Adjustment
75Inverse Synths Leverage Fee Adjustment (iLINK)
76Decrease Spartan Council seats to 7
81Lower Target Collateralization Ratio 475%
99Increase loans and shorts cap to sUSD 110 million from sUSD 90 million
106Reduce Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 75 bp from 200 bp
107Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 75 bp from 100 bp
122Increase Cap on Wrappr to 250k ETH from 175k ETH
124Rebalance and rename sCEX to sCEFI
129SCCP-129 Increase exchange fees for s1INCH, sCOMP, and sCRV
130Raise Fees on Altcoin Synths to 300 bp
155Ambassador Council modification
188Update Open Interest Limits
197Define Voting Strategy for Election Module
201Equalise maker and taker fee for all futures markets
205Raising the min cratio to 400%
207Lower target c-ratio to 300%
218Update ETH Wrapper Parameters
220Revert SCCP-216 Parameter Changes for Optimism
224Lower Max Atomic Volume Per Block
225Raising the target c-ratio to 450%
229Lower Target Collateralization Ratio 350% from 400%
249Raising the target c-ratio to 425%
253Update ETH Wrapper Parameters
255Update Atomic Swap Parameters
259Update Dynamic Fee Rounds
266Parameter Changes for the Liquidation Ratio, Liquidation Penalty, and Self Liquidation Penalty
283Update Perp Markets Skew Scale
289Update Wrapper Parameters
301Set Spartan Council minimumActiveMembers to n-4
302Reduction in the Length of Council Election Periods
303Extend Governance Epoch Duration from Three to Four Months
TerraBellus, CT, Artsychoke, MiLLiΞ
333Increase Arbitrum LP caps
334Update name of Arbitrum Stablecoin
2090Update DynamicFeeRounds
2091Lower c-ratio to 400%
2093Update of sETH Exchange Fees
2094Increase wETH Wrapper maxTokenAmount
2113Update Dynamic Redeemer Discount Rate - Moderate Decay
2120Lower Liquidation Reward
2121Update staking liquidation parameters


247Update Atomic Exchange Fees / 1inch Integration
248Update Atomic Exchange Fees / 1inch Integration
251Update Atomic Exchange Parameters - 1inch Integration
2671inch Integration - Cross Asset Atomic Swaps
274Add 1inch Direct Integration Cross Asset Swaps / Fusion Mode
276Update 1inch Fusion Contracts
282Update 1inch Cross Asset Swap Address
292Update 1inch Cross Asset Swap Direct Integration
299Update 1inch Cross Asset Swap Direct Integration