SCCP-76: Decrease Spartan Council seats to 7


Simple Summary

Decrease the number of Spartan Council seats back to 7 members from 8 members.


This SCCP is relating to the configurable number of council members specified in SIP-93. The initial number of Spartan Council members was increased to 8 as it was noticed that the top 7 members were changing frequently in a given epoch. However, with SIP-104 amendment, members will locked until a new election cycle begins.


Although I find that all the current Spartan members, with no exception, are simply great talented individuals and it would be really a shame to not include more people on the council (I'm referring to Jacko Wacko specifically). I believe that for the assigned responsibility, 7 members are more than enough to cater for requirements of voting on SIPs' and SCCPs'. Many have raised reasonable objections, that the current make-up & composition works great. I don't disagree on that point, but I can say that 7 members will not disappoint. Furthermore, with the recently announced grantsDAO and synthetix-ambassadors roles opening up, this would help in spreading talent on the different areas of the protocol. I do want to end by mentioning, that having a lower number of available seats helps in ensuring that stakeholders votes are focused on few (as opposed to spread out on many) and it also paves the way for a more thrilling voting experience.

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