SCCP-93: Slighly increase the circuit breaker deviation


Simple Summary

Increase the price deviation threshold factor to 1.8 in order to unblock sEOS.


The SystemSettings.priceDeviationThresholdFactor from SIP-65 has been triggered on the sEOS synth. It needs to be increased and a single trade executed in order to reset the new price. A SIP will be coming in soon to fix this issue in the future so SCCPs like this are not necessary.


The last traded price of sEOS is 3.711 (see Exchanger.lastExchangeRate(sEOS)) and the current price is 6.32 (see ExchangeRates.rateForCurrency(sEOS)) - which yields a factor of 1.7. Thus, even if the synth is resumed, the next attempted trade will suspend it again via SIP-65.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.