SCCP-228: Unpause XMR Market

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Simple Summary

This SCCP proposes to unpause the XMR market with the following parameters:

Parameter Name Parameter
takerFee 40 bp
makerFee 35 bp
takerFeeNextPrice 35 bp
makerFeeNextPrice 30 bp
maxLeverage 10
maxFundingRate 10%
skewScaleUSD 10M
maxMarketValueUSD 100k
nextPriceConfirmWindow 2


The parameter descriptions are as follows:

  • makerFeeNextPrice and takerFeeNextPrice are the fees paid by traders when filled for next price futures orders.
  • makerFee and takerFee are the fees paid by traders when filled for immediate orders.
  • maxMarketValueUSD is the maximum amount of open interest allowed on each side of a market.
  • maxFundingRate is the maximum funding rate per day a position can take on.
  • skewScaleUSD determines the funding rate, a lower skewScaleUSD means that funding will be more pronounced to changes in the skew, while a larger leads to buffered reaction.
  • nextPriceConfirmationWindow is the number of chainlink rounds, by which a next price order needs to be confirmed.
  • maxLeverage is the maximum leverage that can be assumed by a position.


The primary motivation is to launch the XMR market for trading.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.