SCCP-136: Increase L2 Inflationary Rewards to 50k


Simple Summary

Increase the inflationary rewards on L2 to 50k per week.


With the implementation of SIP-170, there is currently 25k SNX distributed to L2 per week from the inflationary supply. This SCCP proposes increasing that amount to 50k per week, to incentivise stakers to begin migrating to L2.


Since exchanging is now live on L2, it makes sense to begin slowly increasing the sUSD supply. Currently there is only ~5.7M sUSD.

Increasing the inflationary rewards will allow the sUSD supply to begin expanding slowly, whilst the L2 rollout is still protected via high c-ratio, which is currently at 1000% (pending a reduction to 900% as seen in SCCP-134).

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