SCCP-255: Update Atomic Swap Parameters

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Simple Summary

The below parameter changes are proposed:

  • Update the fee tier of the wETH/wUSDC pool from the 30 bp pool to the 5 bp pool. This is done by calling the setPoolForRoute, taking in arguments of the wETH and USDC addresses as well as the address of the 5 bp pool.
  • Lower the sETH atomicExchangeFeeRate on 1inch integration addresses, mentioned in SIP-288 to 7 bp.

The above changes are to be implemented only following Curve implementing the changes requested here. It is worth nothing that fees might be lowered further in the future depending on incoming data.


The parameters being changed are as follows:

  • The atomicExchangeFee is the fee applied on trades into a certain synth.
  • The setPoolForRoute overrides the default route taken when trades take place for specific tokens.

Below are the DirectIntegration parameters of the 1inch addresses, specified in SIP-288:

{'currencyKey': 'sETH',
 'dexPriceAggregator': '0x9645C7de2DBe8AAda01868cAa393cB7e5253268c',
 'atomicMaxVolumePerBlock': 5m$,
 'atomicVolatilityUpdateThreshold': 10,
 'atomicExchangeFeeRate': 7 bp}


The primary motivation is to boost the atomic exchange volume, taking into account protection against latency attacks via the curve slippage.

Superceded by SCCP-257

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.