SCCP-130: Raise Fees on Altcoin Synths to 300 bp


Simple Summary

Raise fees on exchanges into sXTZ, sXMR, sETC, sDOT, sEOS, sTRX, sDASH, sDEFI ,sCRV, sAAVE, sRUNE, sCOMP, sYFI and s1INCH to 300 bp from 100 bp.


Analysis of on-chain data showed that the wider availablity of synths (due to wrappr) has allowed certain actors to take up sizeable slippage-less positions in synths beyound what is deemed reasonable on CEX and DEX's. This SCCP proposes to raise fees on these tokens to 300 bp, as a stopgap measure, until other sips such as that proposed on supply caps and volume weighted fees measures are in place.

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