SCCP-97: Increase migrateEntriesThresholdAmount to 164500


Simple Summary

Raise migrateEntriesThresholdAmount from SNX 1,000 to SNX 164,500 by calling the setMigrateEntriesThresholdAmount method.


As per the specification of the escrow contract SIP-60, migration of entries for snx holders with balances above 1,000 snx was constrained to a 2-month period from the date of creation of the new escrow contract as a safety measure.

However with the current state, there remains 3 addresses that cannot migrate, as the deadline setupExpiryTime has already expired. In order to allow for the migration of these wallets, this sccp proposes to increase the migrateEntriesThresholdAmount to SNX 164,500 (slightly above the amount of migratable holdings of the largest wallet). This change does not affect other wallets, that are yet to migrate, who can still migrate to the new escrow contract at their convenience.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.