SCCP-30: Lower c-ratio to 700%


Simple Summary

Decrease the target Collateralisation Ratio for SNX stakers to 700%


There is currently a potential deficit of Synths that is coming to Synthetix platform. Decreasing the target Collateralisation Ratio will cause some SNX stakers to increase amount of synths minted.


  1. Current peg is holding up great due to Curve. This can be seen from data collected since lowering it to 700% in SCCP-26.
  2. Launch of Idle integration allows to increase the demand to sUSD overall
  3. Accroding to this:
  • "The Idle team is currently working on a solution that will enable users to deposit sUSD into protocols that allow them to earn popular governance tokens such as BAL and/or CRV to earn alongside their holdings." I think we must take advantage of the current Yield Farming craze and allow SNX Governance tokenholders to capture more value
  1. Capital Efficiency!
  2. Increased demand for synths will drive more integrations with other DeFi platforms
  3. Synthetix platform will be able to potentially showcase the ability to deliver rapid iterations
  4. Increased amount of SNX holders that will come to the platform will be able to see upcoming updates such as Synthetic Futures, sOIL, Limit Orders and Binary Options.
  5. It will allow us to further collect data on stability of the peg and allow precipitate the deamand.
  6. sUSD peg constantly moving to above 1 USD
  7. We now have liquidations
  8. We voting on reducing Liquidation window from 2 weeks to 3 days

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