SCCP-230: Increase number of serving Ambassadors

Millie, Matt, Mojo
NetworkEthereum & Optimism
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Simple Summary

This SCCP proposes to increase the Ambassador Council seats to five members (currently there are 3)


With an increased presence in many different DAOs, the Ambassador Council has taken on an increased workload from keeping up with developments among these protocols. Optimism being of major focus has proven to be a pretty tedious effort. Coupled with our social participation and pursuit of new integrations, we believe the uptick in governance activity warrants an increase in the number of council members serving as Ambassadors.


This past Epoch the Ambassador Council has been in talks with thirteen (13) different protocols for integrations with Synthetix. This number is only increasing as more and more protocols come to Optimism, making this an opportune time for securing positive relationships and integrations that benefit Synthetix and it's ecosystem. Having two additional Ambassadors can help us balance this more active business development role with our existing efforts.

With the start of Optimism Governance Phase 1, delegates were asked to provide feedback for projects with Phase 1 Funding proposals and help them align their incentives with that of Optimism Governance (The Token House). The SNX Ambassadors are one of the top wallets in governance power, and have a meaningful influence in the Optimism ecosystem. By participating in OP Governance we plant seeds of growth with future protocols on Optimism, lobby for Synthetix and its ecosystem, and ensure the long term success of Synthetix and its future on Optimism governance.

Furthermore, the current Ambassador Council has taken on an outsized role in co-marketing and promoting ecosystem projects. We’ve hosted once (sometimes twice) per week Spartan Spaces with many new/OG protocols to help them grow, and from these calls partnerships have developed, campaigns have begun, and integrations have occurred.

The additional Ambassador seats will also ensure that the expected increase in governance activity from newly forming DAOs will not leave synthetix under represented among those protocols either.

Finally, we believe a larger council body will be encouraging for new community members to nominate themselves and not be intimidated by a small candidacy list of recurring participants.

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