196Remove Centralized Oracle
197Bypass SIP presentation
198Atomic Exchange At Pure Chainlink Price
199Add SOL Synth on Optimism
200Fix FeePool Rewards Distribution
201Allowing governance on L1 in case OVM becomes inaccessible
301Add Synth Supply Caps
303Simulated Liquidity for Synthetix Exchanges


80Synthetic Futures
148Upgrade Liquidation Mechanism
156Debt Pool Oracle
165Debt Pool Synthesis
185Debt Shares
186Risk Committee


184Dynamic Exchange Fees
193Refactor SystemSettings into Library to reduce contract size


1SIP Purpose and Guidelines
2Remove Fee Penalty Tiers
3Purgeable Synths
4Change Fee Claim Window
5New Crypto Synths June '19
6Frontrunning protection
7Oracle Trading Locks
8sETH Uniswap Pool Staking Incentives
9Change Fee Claim Window To One Period
10Upgrade Delegate Powers
11Allow fee period to be closed by any address
12Max gas price for exchange transactions
14Allow delegation of Synthetix Exchange function to another address
15SNX liquidation mechanism
16Improved Upgrades - Utilise Proxies internally
17Bytes4 to Bytes32 currencyKeys
18Recover orphaned $2.9k sUSD from SNX fee address
19Deprecate Transfer Fee logic
20Gas Optimisations
21Double exchange fee rate on swing trades
22Add sDEFI Synth
23Inflation Smoothing
24Terminal SNX Inflation
25Decouple Gas Limiter from Oracle
26Max Gas on token fallback
27Add new crypto Synths
29Issue, burn and claim only in sUSD
30Deprecate ERC223 from SNX and all Synths.
31sETH LP rewards contract
32Chainlink Oracles Phase 1 - Forex & Commodities
33Deprecate XDR synth from Synthetix.
34Disable sMKR and iMKR
35Skinny Ether Collateral
36Chainlink Oracles Phase 2 - Cryptocurrencies, indexes
37Fee Reclamations and Rebates
38Charge Fees During Purge
39Set up GrantsDAO
40Time lock on burning after minting
41ProtocolDAO phase zero
42Gas Optimisations on issueSynths and burnSynths
43Address Resolver
44Synthetix & Synth Disabling
45Deprecate ERC223 sUSD Deposits from Depot
46Address Resolver Gas Improvements
47Prevent Empty Exchanges
48Allow Views to Return When Rates Are Stale
49Add new synths for Hadar release
51sETH & sUSD Liquidity Incentive
53Binary Options
55Synth Circuit Breaker (Phase One)
56Differential Fees
57Permanent Read-only Proxy for Address Resolver
58Emit every fee reclamation outcome during trade settlement
60New Escrow Contract & Migration
62Futures reference price methodology
63Trading Incentives
64Flexible Contract Storage
65Decentralized Circuit Breaker
66Reduce gas of SNX transfers for non-stakers
68Minor enhancements to StakingRewards.sol
69Update Index Synths
71Binary Options v1.1
75Keeper Synths - Phase 1
76Integrate Warning Flags to Disable Transactions
77StakingRewards bug fix's and Pausable stake()
78iSynth limit reset must not trip circuit breaker
83Total Issued Synths (Debt pool) Snapshots
84Pause Synths Below Open Interest Threshold
85Ether Collateral v0.3
86ExchangeRates Chainlink Aggregator V2V3
87Add iETH incentive to RewardsDistribution
88ExchangeRates patch - Chainlink aggregator V2V3
89Virtual Synths
90Transition SIPs/SCCPs to Snapshot Governance
91Debt Cache Contract
92Historical iSynths Pricing Tracks When Last Frozen
93Supersede SIP-90 to Delegated Council Governance
94Virtual Synth Fix to Ensure Settlement Is Connected
95Delist sBCH and iBCH for evaluation
96Blockchain Forks Framework for Synths
97Multi-Collateral Loans
98Re-implement double exchange fee rate on swing trades
99Upgrade sOIL to use diversified Chainlink aggregator
100Resolver & Cache Improvements
101Add new crypto Synths
102Support SNX on L2 with Optimism
103sUSD Shorts
104Spartan Council constituent epoch lock with council member vote weight dilution + enable council voting on Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIPs).
105Multi-collateral Liquidation Bug Fix
106L2 Debt Register Fix
107Add CRV crypto synth
108Shorting Rewards
109Add Synth Exchange Suspension Support
110Adding sTSLA Synth
111Enable Spartan Council voting on Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIPs)
112ETH Wrappr
bojan, kaleb
113Reenable sKRW
114Adding FAANG Synths
115Adding sMSFT Synth
116Optimism bridge update
117Support Synth Exchanging on L2 with Optimism
118Conditionally skipping fee reclamation
120Atomic Exchange Function
121Support for L2 Synths
124Formalising the protocolDAO
126New ERC-20 Synths
127Minimal Proxies for Virtual Synths
128Adding sCOIN Synth
Farmwell, CryptoToit
130New SIP Workflow
132Add Volume Program
135L2 Shorting
136Improve debt cache total issued synths calculation (v2)
137Synchronized Epoch
138Update Volume Tracking Event
139Allow owner to reset the decentralized circuit breaker pricing
140Allow Exchange Into Origin Address
141Formalise the responsibilities and role of the grantsDAO
142Deprecating EtherCollateral loans
145Debt Cache Event Consistency
149Deprecate Binary Options
151Migration Contracts for Upgrades
152Spartan Council Dilution Bug
155Deprecating the synthetixDAO (ratifying the Treasury Council)
157ambassadorDAO Mandate
158Deprecate Inverse Synths
159Formalize Thales Governance
160Updated SIP Workflow
161Core Contributor Committee
167L2 Bridged Governance
168Governance Participation Program
169Deprecate Low Volume L1 Synths
170Inflation Diversion for L2 Incentives
172V2.X Governance Processes & Changes
174Redeem Deprecated Synths
177Formalize Kwenta TreasuryDAO
178Formalize Kwenta Interim Council
179Kwenta Independence
180Aelin Protocol
182Wrappr Factory
187Fix Partial Synth Updates In Debt Cache
188Add sETHBTC synth
189Add LUSD/sUSD Wrappr on L2
190Add LUSD/sUSD Wrappr to L1
191Moving Council Dilution to Optimism
192Fee Pool Accounting Error Fix and Reimbursement
194Fix Liquidations on L2
195L2 Multi ETH Collateral Loans


13Account Merging
28Audit Remediations
50Add sYIELD synth
52Add Next Price to Fee Reclamation
54Limit Orders
59Delegated Migrator
61Keeper Synths
67Binary Options bid phases
70Automated weekly trading competition
72Add More Assets to the Binary Options Markets
73Binary Market Competition
74Binary Markets with custom questions
79Deferred Transaction Gas Tank
81Remove Centralized Oracle
82Synthetix Keeper System
119Add ZEC crypto Synth
122Multi-collateral Shorts v1.1 & Collapsible Loans
123Synthetix CurveDAO Governance Vault- XveCRV
MilliΞ, Farmwell
125Create synths for top traded US stock index etfs
129sSNX ERC-20 Synths
131Revoke the "ALL" approval, if set, when withdrawing other approvals.
133Add DOGE as Crypto Synth
134Minimal Proxies for Binary Options
143Ordering SUSHI
144Create a global stock market synth
147Adding sMATIC
150Issuance Debt Adjustment Truncation Fix
153LINK Wrappr
154Create synths for top traded US stock index etfs
166Adding sCEFI
171Allow transfer of non fee reclamation balances
173Synth Upgrader Contract
175Protocol Maintenance Funding
176Enable Continuous Account Merging
183Kwenta Funding Request