15 Liquidation. Direct Redemption of SNX collateral with synths Jackson Chan


13 Account Merging Kain Warwick, Clinton Ennis
50 Add sYIELD synth Nocturnalsheet, IanC


36 Chainlink Oracles Phase 2 - Cryptocurrencies, indexes Garth Travers, Justin J Moses
49 Add new synths for Hadar release Nocturnalsheet


1 SIP Purpose and Guidelines Kain Warwick
2 Remove Fee Penalty Tiers Kain Warwick, Jackson Chan
3 Purgeable Synths Clinton Ennis
4 Change Fee Claim Window Kain Warwick, Clinton Ennis
5 New Crypto Synths June '19 Kain Warwick, Clinton Ennis
6 Frontrunning protection Jackson Chan, Kain Warwick, Clinton Ennis
7 Oracle Trading Locks Jackson Chan, Kain Warwick, Clinton Ennis
8 sETH Uniswap Pool Staking Incentives Kain Warwick
9 Change Fee Claim Window To One Period Kain Warwick, Clinton Ennis, Jackson Chan
10 Upgrade Delegate Powers Nocturnalsheet
11 Allow fee period to be closed by any address Nocturnalsheet
12 Max gas price for exchange transactions Bojan Kiculovic, Justin J Moses, Kain Warwick
14 Allow delegation of Synthetix Exchange function to another address Jackson Chan, Clinton Ennis
16 Improved Upgrades - Utilise Proxies internally Clinton Ennis, Jackson Chan
17 Bytes4 to Bytes32 currencyKeys Jackson Chan, Clinton Ennis
18 Recover orphaned $2.9k sUSD from SNX fee address Nocturnalsheet, Clinton Ennis
19 Deprecate Transfer Fee logic Clinton Ennis, Jackson Chan
20 Gas Optimisations Clinton Ennis
21 Double exchange fee rate on swing trades Clinton Ennis
22 Add sDEFI Synth Garth Travers
23 Inflation Smoothing Deltatiger, Vance Spencer
24 Terminal SNX Inflation Vance Spencer, Deltatiger, Michael Anderson
25 Decouple Gas Limiter from Oracle Justin J. Moses
26 Max Gas on token fallback Clinton Ennis
27 Add new crypto Synths Garth Travers
28 Audit Remediations Garth Travers, Clinton Ennis
29 Issue, burn and claim only in sUSD Justin J Moses
30 Deprecate ERC223 from SNX and all Synths. Clinton Ennis
31 sETH LP rewards contract Clinton Ennis, Anton Bukov
32 Chainlink Oracles Phase 1 - Forex & Commodities Justin J Moses
33 Deprecate XDR synth from Synthetix. Nocturnalsheet, Clinton Ennis
34 Disable sMKR and iMKR Spreek
35 Skinny Ether Collateral Kain Warwick, Clinton Ennis, Jackson Chan
37 Fee Reclamations and Rebates Justin J Moses
38 Charge Fees During Purge Justin J Moses
39 Set up GrantsDAO Garth Travers
40 Time lock on burning after minting Kain Warwick, Jackson Chan, Clinton Ennis, Garth Travers
41 ProtocolDAO phase zero Garth Travers, Kain Warwick
42 Gas Optimisations on issueSynths and burnSynths Jackson Chan, Clinton Ennis
43 Address Resolver Justin J Moses
44 Synthetix & Synth Disabling Justin J Moses
45 Deprecate ERC223 sUSD Deposits from Depot Clinton Ennis
46 Address Resolver Gas Improvements Justin J Moses
47 Prevent Empty Exchanges Justin J Moses
48 Allow Views to Return When Rates Are Stale Justin J Moses