SCCP-155: Ambassador Council modification

NetworkEthereum & Optimism

Simple Summary

This SCCP proposes to increase the Ambassador Council seats to four members (currently there are 3) with a 3/4 Gnosis Safe Multi-Sig.


Through out the previous Epoch the ambassadors have faced some challenges when it comes to coordination around the various timezones of members. On more than one occasion the ambassadors were unable to sign transactions with the Embassy multi-sig on short notice, due to conflicting timezones which make it so that there are few time slots where all 3 members are available. These coordination failures have resulted in the Ambassadors being unable to fulfill some of our obligations.

The emergence of a technical role within Ambassador Council is also a factor in convincing us that it's appropriate to have more members for ambassador duties.


The ambassador council is centred around a multi-sig which is currently 3/3, (a 2/3 multisig is not ideal for security) this means that all three members must be available in order for any transaction to be signed. Further more all three ambassadors need to reach consensus before voting on proposals or signing any transactions, if there is sufficient notice the ambassadors can execute their duties but if there is a matter that's short notice or time sensitive, there is a possibility of being unable to fulfil those duties.

If the Ambassador Council is made up of four members on a 3/4 multi-sig, there would still need to be 3 members active to sign a transaction but the probability of having 3 members online to do so is greater than if there are only three members controlling a 3/3 multisig.

In less urgent scenarios, a three member council makes it difficult to have more than one ambassador present at townhall events and community AMAs (again due to conflicting timezones). These scheduling difficulties are amplified when trying to coordinate with other DAOs for events on discord or twitter.

The Ambassador Council has come to mature this Epoch with initiatives like the Governance Participation Program and an increased social presence in the DeFi Ecosystem. After the Launch of delegation incentives (GPP) it became clear that there was a need for a technical role within the ambassador council (see SIP 157: there was a previous clause excluding any expectation of technical skills related to smart contracts). The addition of technical roles in the ambassador council indicates the need for more diversity among the nominees.

The inclusion of a technical role coupled together with the introduction of our social events (town halls/community AMAs) makes us believe the ambassadors are in need of a larger Council to manage the initiatives that are being pursued.

After the formation of the 300-community during the last epoch, we believe there'll be greater interest in participation for the upcoming elections. A larger council will be encouraging for new community members to nominate them selves and not be intimidated by a small candidacy list of recurring participants.

The former aDAO has been quite active in the Ecosystem and we wish to provide even more value for the Synthetix community as we move forward, for the reasons mentioned above we believe it's necessary to increase the number of Ambassadors on the Council to four.

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