SCCP-183: Update Dynamic Fee Parameters

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Simple Summary

This SCCP proposes the following changes to Dynamic Fees parameters:

  • Decrease the exchangeDynamicFeeThreshold to 25 bp from 35 bp
  • Increase the exchangeDynamicFeeRounds to 6 rounds from 3 rounds
  • Increase the exchangeDynamicFeeWeightDecay to 0.95 from 0.6
  • Lower the exchangeMaxDynamicFee to 1.5% from 5%


The parameters being updated are as follows:

  • exchangeDynamicFeeThreshold is the minimum change in price above which dynamic fees are levied. A larger threshold leads to lower dynamic fees.
  • exchangeDynamicFeeRounds is the length of the look-back window. The shorter the lookback window, the less is persistent the impact of historical price volatiltiy on dynamic fees.
  • exchangeDynamicFeeWeightDecay is the coefficient applied on dynamic fees from the previous round. The lower the decay factor, the faster dynamic fees revert back to zero.
  • exchangeMaxDynamicFee is the maximum fee that could be levied in a transaction. If dynamic fee exceed this level transactions revert.


The primary motivation is to lower the chance of oracle latency arbitrage without increasing the base fee on traders.

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