SIP-2046: List AXL on Synthetix Perps


Simple Summary

List Axelar Token (AXL) on Synthetix Perps.


This is a proposal to list Axelar Token (AXL) perpetual on Synthetix Perps.


Axelar delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3. Our infrastructure enables dApp users to interact with any asset or application, on any chain, with one click. Axelar recently got listed on Upbit spot market and Bybit Futures which is an opportunity to expand offering on Synthetix Perps.



Axelar is the fastest-growing interoperability solution based on data from Binance Research. Axelar facilitates advanced cross-chain communication between Cosmos and EVM ecosystems via its General Message Passing (“GMP”) feature, a key driver of network activity. Notably, Axelar connects to 53 chains, showcasing extensive network support, and uses quadratic voting and key rotation to improve security.

Axelar has partnered with leading DeFi applications such as dYdX and Lido. RWA issuers such as Ondo Finance leverage Axelar’s message passing for Ondo bridge, fostering a unified on-chain USDY liquidity. Axelar is also not short on enterprise partnerships, evidenced by its recent collaboration with Microsoft, marking Axelar’s entry into the Azure Marketplace. This partnership makes tools like AxelarJS SDK and GMP available to developers, offering advanced hybrid blockchain solutions. Given the extensive use of Azure worldwide, this partnership could significantly fuel Axelar’s growth and expansion.

Technical Specification

The perps market will require Pyth price feed oracle to be deployed on OP Mainnet.

Test Cases


Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

    "makerFee": "",
    "takerFee": "",
    "takerFeeDelayedOrder": "",
    "makerFeeDelayedOrder": "",
    "takerFeeOffchainDelayedOrder": "",
    "makerFeeOffchainDelayedOrder": "",
    "maxLeverage": "",
    "maxMarketValue": "",
    "maxFundingVelocity": "",
    "skewScale": "",

    "nextPriceConfirmWindow": "",
    "delayedOrderConfirmWindow": "",
    "minDelayTimeDelta": "",
    "maxDelayTimeDelta": "",
    "offchainDelayedOrderMinAge": "",
    "offchainDelayedOrderMaxAge": "",
    "offchainPriceDivergence": ""

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