SIP 22: Add sDEFI Synth Source

AuthorGarth Travers

Simple Summary

Add sDEFI/iDEFI Index Synths that track an index of DeFi tokens.


The DeFi ecosystem is growing in maturity and awareness. Adding long/short exposure to a basket of DeFi tokens will allow traders to profit from bullish or bearish bets on the value of some of the utility tokens in the ecosystem.


These Synths will be implemented in much the same way as the sCEX/iCEX Synths. iDEFI will have upper and lower thresholds which will be added to the SIP before deployment. The weighting will also be added before deployment, and the following nine tokens will be used in the basket: KNC, LINK, SNX, REN, LRC, MLN, BNT, ZRX, and MKR.


Additional Index Synths will add further utility to Synthetix.Exchange. The DeFi tokens were chosen through two rounds of community votes on Twitter.

Test Cases



iDEFI thresholds and index weighting to be added before deployment.

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