SIP-157: ambassadorDAO Mandate


Simple Summary

The purpose of this SIP is to create a written mandate for the Synthetix Ambassadors, which reflects the interests of SNX holders’ and sets expectations and standards for future Ambassadors to build upon.


In this proposal we outline the ambassadorDAO’s responsibilities and the scope of the aDAO’s authority to act on behalf of SNX holders’ in regards to any community delegated voting power, and other meta governance matters which may concern the Synthetix community.


The aDAO is now on its second epoch and though many initiatives have already been launched through the Ambassador program, there is no written description of the role that ambassadors play in the Synthetix ecosystem and thus, creates a lack of transparency and expectations. This SIP aims to shed light on how the aDAO will contribute to the Synthetix ecosystem as well as set clear guidelines on the motivation and scope of our actions when it comes to ecosystem governance matters.




Ecosystem Governance
  • Promote the interests of Synthetix in the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Vote/advocate in favour of governance proposals which are in the interests of SNX holders
  • Vote/advocate against proposals which may adversely affect Synthetix
  • Seek governance power in protocols which may be beneficial for Synthetix to have influence in
  • Maintain transparency in all meta-governance initiatives that the ambassador’s are directly/indirectly involved with or endorse.
  • Stay up to date on relevant DeFi governance matters and their broader implications
  • Work with the various Synthetix DAOs to achieve goals aligned with the Ambassador Mandate
  • Improve upon and strengthen Synthetix relationships in the defi ecosystem
  • Promote the use of Synthetix based products in other dApps, where it benefits SNX
  • Coordinate with external DAOs in relation to DEFI governance matters and initiatives which fall under the mandate
  • Maintain channels of communications with other DAOs and ecosystem contributors
  • Seek out technical and non-technical contributors from the ecosystem
  • Provide a safe and open space for the community to discuss external governance proposals and suggestions.
  • Stay reasonably accessible to the Synthetix community through Synthetix’s official channels of communication. (Mainly Twitter and Discord)
  • Conduct Spartan-City-Halls (AMAs) in the official Synthetix Discord to bolster engagement and knowledge sharing between the community and protocols selected by the community or the ambassadorDAO.

Discretionary Items

In the mandate, we propose items that currently should not be expected of the ambassadorDAO members.

  • Fund projects or teams to perform work (see grantsDAO for the entity responsible for this)


The idea behind this SIP is to create a transparent governance structure for SNX Ambassadors, which serves as a framework for any contributor interested in joining the aDAO.

Ambassadors are charged with pursuing governance influence in the DEFI ecosystem and this mandate aims to empower that mission with clear guidance. The Ambassadors are the closest DAO to the broader community and should maintain the most transparency of the Synthetix DAOs since ambassadors directly represent the votes of SNX holders and community delegates in governance matters. As ambassadors we must maintain open lines of communication with the community in order to ensure that our ambitions continue to align with this SIP’s specifications.

Technical Specification


Test Cases


Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

Number of seats on the ambassadorDAO The epoch length of the ambassadorDAO

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