SIP-353: Solidify CCC responsibility and support

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Simple Summary

This proposal reassigns the responsibility for the protocol roadmap to the Core Contributor Committee (CCC), formalizes the budget cycle from the Treasury Council (TC).


After the ineffective transfer of roadmap responsibility to the Spartan Council under SIP-232, this proposal reverts the responsibility to the CCC, and formalizes the Treasury Council's commitment to fund the Core Contributors (CCs) each epoch.


The responsibility for the Synthetix protocol roadmap was transferred to the Spartan Council by SIP-232, but no roadmap has materialized. The CCs have been focused on developing V3, but as V3 matures the protocol need a governance structure that is more future proof. The roadmap needs clear accountability, to better align development effort.

The TC's primary role is to fund the project's operations, and since the CCs are the largest and most important cost, it's important to formalize the candence of transferring funding.



The proposed changes include:

  1. Reassigning the protocol roadmap responsibility to the CCC.
  2. Formalizing the TC's commitment to fund the CCs and the frequency of funds transfer each epoch.


Roadmap: The CCC taking responsbility to create and manage the roadmap fills the existing governance gap, and aligns protocol development with governance decisions. Rather than being responsible for the content, the CCC is responsible for facilitating the creation and maintenance of the roadmap, by engaging with the Spartan Council and relevant community.

Funding: The Treasury Council is well capitalized for short and medium term operations, including CCs. A robust budget process ensures that the protocol's development continues seamlessly, CCs are confident of the protocol's runway, and capital is allocated against milestones.

Technical Specification

Roadmap: The CCC will update and present a draft list of milestones for the epoch to the Spartan Council for approval in the first month of each governance epoch. The CCC is accountable for the roadmap's delivery and updating the SC and TC at the end of each epoch.

Budget: The CCC will maintain the itemized budget, aligned with the roadmap's milestones, to be approved by the TC. The TC will fund the CCC each epoch, ensuring a minimum of 3 months' operational runway at all times.

Other CCC Mandates:

No change

Test Cases


Configurable Values (Via SCCP)


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