SIP-327: Create the Innovation Pool

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Simple Summary

Create a new pool, the 'Innovation Pool,' to collateralize experimental mainnet markets and stimulate developer activity on the v3 platform.


This proposal suggests the establishment of a distinct pool, known as the 'Innovation Pool,' owned by the Treasury Council.


v3 mainnet is capable of hosting experimental Markets, but we do not have appropriate collateral pools designated for higher risk. A dedicated collateral pool should be readily available for developers to establish, launch experimental markets and request collateral delegation.

The existing Spartan Council pool is likely to back markets which are delta neutral by design, and is not suited to experimental markets. The introduction of this dedicated pool would not only allow SNX holders to contribute liquidity into the pool in support of the ecosystem, but also provide them with the potential for less delta nuetral returns.



This proposal aims to establish the Innovation Pool on the v3 platform.


Intended to back experimental Markets, the Innovation Pool is a separate Pool to the Spartan Pool, and so does not add risk to the Spartan Pool, or the migration from v2. As the pool owner, Treasury Council will have the power to delegate collateral from the Innovation Pool to a Market through SCCP. Market developers can propose an SCCP to have collateral delegated from the Innovation Pool to their Market.

Designed to support experimental markets, the Innovation Pool will function independently from the Spartan Pool. As the pool owner, the Treasury Council will have the authority to delegate collateral from the Innovation Pool to any market via SCCP. Market developers will have the opportunity to request the TC to delegate collateral from the Innovation Pool for their market.

Technical Specification

Create a new v3 Pool called “Innovation Pool”, controlled by the Treasury Council, with the next available poolId in line with SIP-302:

  • createPool(2, [Treasury Council] )
  • setPoolName(2, “Innovation Pool”)

Test Cases


Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

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