SIP-206: Spartan Council Dilution & Meta-Governance


Simple Summary

Expands SIP-104 to propose the formalization of when a Meta-Governance proposal fails to reach consensus when dilution occurs.


This SIP will expand SIP-104 to include the definition for when a Meta-Governance Proposal and Governance Proposals to the following

Council members who lose more than 50% of their backing via dilution will lose their voting power. Therefore for Meta-Governance votes, any council member that loses more than 50% of his voting power results in a Rejected status. For Governance votes, given the threshold of n/2+1 if n is even or (n+1)/2+1 if n is odd, a council member that loses 50% of his voting power loses his voting power. Therefore, in order for Governance vote to pass, a sip/sccp needs to have at least threshold number of council members voting favorably AND none of them being diluted by more than 50%.


As a consequence of the implementation of SIP-191 which removed the cost friction of dilution, certain Council Members experienced dilution in multiple proposals which were negligible (<= 0.01/1).

Upon this realization, the community found that there was not a formal definition on how dilution effects Meta-Governance proposals, with SIP-104 only providing a formal definition of dilution for super-majority (SIPs that were not Meta-Governance), leaving some confusion whether a Meta-Governance was invalidated or not.

This proposal was then motivated by the need to define whether a proposal is a result of actual dilution of griefing.



SIP-202 amends SIP-104 to expand the invalidation requirements for Meta-Governance and Governance proposals.


Considering that Meta-Governance proposals require a unanimous decision (i.e with 8 members, all 8 members need to agree on a decision), we could not re-use the same definition as normal proposals. This definition balances the consideration of griefing as an governance attack-vector with an achievable dilution target.

Technical Specification

If SIP-202 is approved, it will be considered a mandatory addition (amendment) to SIP-104.

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

  • Threshold in which a single Council Member needs to be diluted by

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