SIP 167: L2 Bridged Governance Source

AuthorLeonardo Massazza, Alejandro Santander

Simple Summary

Add the ability to govern L2 contracts with a MultiSig (Gnosis Safe) contract instead of using EOA.


This SIP proposes the addition of a bridge to connect L2 contracts to an L1 Gnosis Safe. The bridge will allow the government council to authorize actions on L2 contracts using the same mechanism used on L1.


Currently L2 contracts are owned by EAO which poses a risk on ownership and security. The proposed SIP allows a contract or multisig to own L2 contracts and enable proper council governance.



The proposed solution is to add a bridge contract that will act as liaison between a Gnosis Safe in L1 and the contracts on L2 so that all operations (ownership authorizations on L1 and L2) are done by the council using the same network and known tools.


During the discussions previous discussions we identified three different options to provide governance on L2 each with its own pros and cons that are shown below.

  • Gnosis Safe in L1 and Gnosis Safe in L2

    Pros: Same proven mechanism as in L1.

    Cons: Not yet officially available (there are some forks); will require Governance council to connect to both networks.

  • Gnosis Safe in L1 and Legacy Multisig in L2

    Pros: Easy to implement.

    Cons: Using a Legacy multisig that is not supported by gnosis (there is a working project adapting it to L2); will require Governance council to connect to both networks and use different tools.

  • Gnosis Safe in L1 and Ownership Bridge in L2

    Pros: Using a single tool to L1 and L2 (Gnosis Safe on L1).

    Cons: Authorizations on L2 will take time due to the bridge propagation process.

From the three options the chosen one is the 3rd that us based on Gnosis Safe in L1 to do all the authorizations (L1 and L2) that will simplify the operations. It requires the addition of a bridge (based on this CrossChainAccount technique)

Technical Specification

Write two new governance bridges based on this CrossChainAccount technique that will link our ownership on L2.

Test Cases

TBD but will cover

  • Set up an integration test to do owner actions on L2 using the bridge and Gnosis Safe
  • Test on Kovan using fresh instances
  • Deploy and test on mainnet

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

N/A at the moment of writing this SIP

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.