SIP-2016: SIP / SCCP Purpose and Guidelines Update - Impact on Integrators

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Simple Summary

Update the SIP/SCCP format and template to include an "Impact on Integrators" section.


This proposal aims to modify the SIP/SCCP template, purpose, and guidelines initially established in SIP #1. The proposal adds an "Impact on Integrators" section to the SIP/SCCP template to ensure that potential impacts on integrators are adequately reviewed by integrators.


Synthetix has evolved from a user-facing protocol to a backend liquidity protocol that powers a variety of on-chain derivatives and financial instruments. Third-party integrators utilizing Synthetix liquidity have expressed interest in obtaining more structured information regarding the effects of Synthetix updates on their protocols. This necessitates a change in the SIP/SCCP template and the addition of a mandatory workflow to inform Synthetix liquidity integrators of update impacts.


Third-party integrators depend on Synthetix liquidity, and Synthetix updates can influence the user experience of these integrators. In the interest of the Synthetix Ecosystem, it is crucial to inform them of updates as early as possible and document these impacts in the SIP.


After the implementation of this SIP, the new SIP/SCCP template will appear as follows:

-Preamble -Simple Summary -Abstract -Motivation (*optional) -Specification -Rationale -Impact on Integrators -Test Cases -Copyright Waiver

The Impact on Integrators section provides a clear and concise explanation of the effects on integrators resulting from the proposed change. It is essential to discuss contract upgrades and any potential downtime. While it is not mandatory to include this impact immediately, doing so would be beneficial for partners. Please refer to the "mandatory notice time" regarding the impact on integrators to understand the notice period. Example: If an update adds a core function to how Synthetix Perps calculates prices, and a protocol will be unable to process trades without it, this must be properly explained, and the severity of the update must also be outlined.

A mandatory notice time will also be required, it is defined as such:

  • For any scheduled updates, integrators must be informed about impacts to integrators 72 hours prior to the SIP/SCCP implementation date.
  • For any updates that fail to meet this 72-hour criterion, a rationale must be provided. This should only be used in cases of updates that must be completed ASAP.

Status changed as per the sip author's request

Technical Specification

Updates to be made to the SIP / SCCP template on the SIPs repo -

Test Cases


Configurable Values (Via SCCP)


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.