STP-11: Appoint TC Operations Analyst role


Simple Summary

This STP allocates $70,000 to fund a dedicated Operations Analyst to support Treasury Council (TC) activities. This role is important for operational efficiency and maintaining continuity, onboarding, and upkeep as TC members are elected each epoch.


This STP outlines the proposal to appoint a Operations Analyst with an indicative annual stipend of $70,000, complemented by an SNX grant vested over a specified period. The role will handle communications, record-keeping, transaction staging and review, minute-taking during meetings, and coordination with the Synthetix community, DAOs and Core Contributors.


Given the Treasury Council’s evolving responsibilities and the periodic re-election of its members, there is a pressing need for a stable role that ensures continuity, responsiveness and institutional memory. This role will serve as a constant, aiding in the onboarding of new TC members and maintaining the upkeep of ongoing projects and responsibilities.



The role will provide essential support to the Treasury Council, ensuring seamless operations and continuity despite the periodic cycling of TC members. This role will enhance the Council's efficiency and maintain the integrity of ongoing projects and initiatives.

See the job description


The introduction of this role addresses the need for a consistent presence within the Treasury Council’s operations. This continuity is crucial for preserving the Council’s momentum and institutional knowledge, especially during transitions between epochs.

Financial Specification

Allocate the below compensation to fund this role for 1 year:

  • An indicative annual stipend of $70,000.
  • An appropriate SNX grant.

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