SIP-385: Arbitrum perps v3 fee model & SNX buy back and burn


Simple Summary

This SIP introduces the following for Synthetix's v3 deployment on Arbitrum: deploys the SNX token via Arbitrum bridge, introduces a fee-sharing mechanism for Perps v3 between LPs, integrators and SNX buy back and burn.


Enable briding of the SNX token on Arbitrum via Arbitrum bridge. Deploy an Arbitrum's version of the SNX buyback and burn contract introduced in (SIP-345)[].

Introduce a fee-sharing mechanism for liquidity providers, the protocol's treasury, and integrators of the Synthetix Perps v3 deployment on Arbitrum. Liquidity providers will earn 40% of the fees, integrators will earn a 20% fee for trades processed through their integration, and the remaining 40% will be sent to the SNX buy back and burn contract. All fees will be distributed in Synthetix's native Arbitrum stablecoin. Future products or networks will require additional proposals to set the integrator fee share.


This fee distribution model follows a proven model already in place on Synthetix's Base deployment, where we're seeing a continually growing total value locked by liquidity providers, enabling increasing trading volumes by front-end integrators. The SNX buy-back and burn mechanism on Base has proven effective for channeling value to SNX holders during the interim period of isolated chain deployments, and as such can also be applied to fees captured on Arbitrum.


Deploy SNX token on Arbitrum using Arbitrum bridge, a wrapped version of SNX will be deployed on Arbitrum. Refer to

Deploy a buyback contract based on Yearns, and configure buying of SNX using USDC, owned by the Deployer, with the TC able to withdraw SNX. Set the price of the SNX buy at oracle + premium% Configure a Fee collector for Perps Market on Arbitrum to collect SNXFeeShare = 50% of net fees (after integrator share) Fee Collector accrues USDx fees Any keeper can call the Fee Collector, unwrap USDx into USDC and send to buyback contract to top it up Anyone can send SNX to the contract to sell it at oracle + premium for USDC TC to withdraw SNX at least monthly, and burn by sending to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Integrators will request a unique tracking code for each integration they wish to track and provide an address to which they will receive fees. A 20% fee relative to protocol fees earned, excluding gas, execution fees, or funding fees, will be directed to the corresponding address for all trades executed using an integrator tracking code.


Having a consistent and transparent fee structure across chains is key to attracting and retaining liquidity providers, integrators and Synthetix tokenholders alike.

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