SIP-381: Pool Owner Rewards Distribution Control

NetworkEthereum, Optimism & Base
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Simple Summary

This SIP proposes adding core system functionality such that a pool owner can adjust reward distributions.


The current implementation of the rewards distributor functionality in the core system (per SIP-305) only allows the address of a rewards distributor to control the values pertaining to its own amount and timeframe of distribution. The proposed change would add a function such that owner of a pool can also modify these values.


Accounting for the distribution of rewards among liquidity positions in pools is handled within the core system. This could fall out sync with the accounting in a rewards distributor contract after it has been integrated with a given pool by the pool's owner. In this case, a rewards distributor may not be able to recover depending on the sophistication of its implementation. By allowing pool owners to also modify these values, corrections become possible if necessary.

Allowing a pool owner to modify the values dictating a rewards distribution should not introduce additional security concerns or trust assumptions, as a pool owner is already capable of adding and removing rewards distributions.


The implementation of the SIP entails the introduction of a distributeRewardsByOwner function. This performs the same operation as the existing distributeRewards function, but can be called by the owner of a pool rather than only the rewards distributor itself.

Test Cases

Relevant tests cases have been developed alongside the draft implementation for this SIP.

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)


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