SIP-369: Remove Maximum Rewards Distributors Limit

NetworkEthereum, Optimism & Base
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Simple Summary

This SIP proposes to remove the maximum rewards distributions limit in the rewards manager module, originally implemented with SIP-305.


Currently, a pool owner may only register a maximum of 10 rewards distributors per pool. This change entails simply removing this limit.


This check was originally added as safety mechanism, to prevent a pool owner from registering so many rewards distributors that the removeRewardsDistributor function call would fail due to requiring too much gas to execute.

The decision to set this at 10 was effectively arbitrary and, as more use cases are being explored for rewards distributors (such as distributing liquidated margin collateral from markets), exceeding 10 distributors seems like an increasingly realistic scenario.


Especially as Synthetix is primarily being deployed on gas-efficient blockchains, this check is now seen as less crucial. Pool owners can be expected to take responsibility for avoiding adding so many rewards distributors to their pool such that there are negative consequences related to gas usage.

Technical Specification

Remove _MAX_REWARD_DISTRIBUTIONS and the check that relies on this value from RewardsManagerModule.sol in the core system.

Test Cases

A test could demonstrate that 11 different rewards distributors can be added and then removed from a pool.

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.