SIP-333: Pool Collateral Caps

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This SIP proposes an enhancement to Synthetix V3 allowing pool owners to specify caps for the amount of each type of token that they will accept as collateral. Currently, all collateral approved by the Spartan Council can be delegated into all pools without any restrictions. However, with this SIP, pool owners gain the flexibility to set custom limits on the amount of collateral that can be delegated to their pools.


While considering the implementation for SIP-326 (which adds the ability for pool owners to disable collateral types completely with a boolean flag), it became apparent that pool owners may want more fine-grained control regarding collateral delegation. Simply replacing that functionality with a mapping of collateral types to maximum amounts is not desirable, as the collateral would be disabled by default (with a maximum of 0). Instead, this SIP proposes adding the mapping of caps which treats 0 as "unset". Pool owners can set the maximum amount to 1 (or any value less than the collateral type's minDelegation configuration) to effectively disable it.


Pool owners will have the option to set custom caps for each collateral type they support within their pool. To accomplish this, a new function setPoolCollateralConfiguration will be introduced. The function will allow the pool owner to, among possibly other things in the future, specify a limit for a specific collateral type.

It is important to note that the enforcement will be applied to each individual collateral type/vault, and not the entire pool. Different collateral types within a single pool can have varying caps depending on the pool owner's preferences.

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