SIP-326: Additional pool configuration

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Simple Summary

This SIP introduces enhanced configurability for v3 pools by enabling pool owners to deactivate specific collateral types or define a more conservative collateralization ratio.


This proposal advocates the creation of a new mapping, under the pool owner's control, which could either disable certain collateral types or establish a more stringent collateralization ratio. The suggested override would only permit a more cautious configuration than the system configuration determined by governance.


All pools currently inherit the system-wide configurations of permitted collateral types and collateralization ratio. For pools to be able to become more specialized, per-pool configuration is required. SIP-324 is an example of a pool that would require non-snx collateral to be disabled, and borrowing disabled.



This SIP recommends implementing a mapping of adjustable overrides by the pool owner for:

  1. collateral type: only collateral types permitted by the system can be disabled on the pool, and no additional collateral types can be enabled.
  2. collateralization ratio: the system will utilize the higher value between the override and the global ratio, as set by governance.

The mappings only permit more conservative configuration than the system configuration.


The aim is to provide pool owners with the option to adopt a more conservative stance than the governance-established system configuration. By disabling collateral types, the pool owner can limit the scope of collateral accepted by the pool. By limiting or disabling the minting of debt, pool owners can limit or prevent market exposure.

Technical Specification

  • collateralType => disabled
  • collateralType => collateralizationRatio

Test Cases


Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

Values of the mapping, if Spartan Council was the pool owner.

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