SIP-291: Independent Work Group

Matt, Millie, Mojo, Kevin, GB
NetworkEthereum & Optimism
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Simple Summary

This Proposal will bring about the formation of an independent work group consisting of community members who are stewards to protocols building on the Open Source Synthetix ecosystem.


Synthetix is a protocol consisting of several DAOs and many layers of smart contracts. The modularity of Synthetix allows for many different ways in which other projects and protocols can integrate with those various layers. Due to its open source nature, projects can permissionlessly integrate with Synthetix and make use of its resources.

At any given time the state of Synthetix governance or smart contracts can be transparently observed through GitHub or through on-chain methods. Making sense of all the complex logic, however, can be tricky and not immediately obvious for protocols that aren't familiar with Synthetix architecture. The new Work Group would independently bridge integrations between external protocols, allowing them to seamlessly navigate the Synthetix open source environment.


As Synthetix is developing into a transparent and inter-operable on chain liquidity layer, its governance must also ossify to be aligned with the resiliency of the protocol. An independent Work Group is suitable for the level of decentralization that Synthetix is at and would remove the information asymmetry that integrators face when building on Synthetix's open source infrastructure.

Technical Specification

Number of Members: 5

Elected by: Synthetix Governance

Test Cases

Examples of Synthetix Independent Work Group activities:

  • Engaging with external projects and their communities
  • Taking active roles in the Governance of external protocols
  • Familiarizing potential integrators with Synthetix
  • Providing support to Synthetix integrators and users
  • Collaborating with other Synthetix DAO bodies
  • Removing information barriers for the community

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

Number of Members

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