SIP-290: Deprecated SIPs/SCCPs

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Simple Summary

This is a proposal to introduce a new SIP/SCCP Status category called Deprecated


If this proposal passes a new status header will be used to describe SIPs and SCCPs which have been approved or implemented in the past, but have become deprecated as a result of protocol or governance upgrades.


Currently there are many SIPs and SCCPs which have been implemented, but as a result of protocol upgrades, they're no longer valid. From an organizational perspective this can be confusing, for example there are many SIPs for previously deployed markets which have since been deprecated but still show up under Implemented status. Another simple example is the fee rate for different markets, those parameters are constantly changing via governance and it's quite difficult to figure out which one is the most up to date when browsing the SCCP repo. An interested party scrolling through our SIPs repo, wouldn't be able to easily tell which SIPs or SCCPs still apply and which ones don't.

SIPs/SCCPs that are superceded by governance or protocol upgrades, would require citation within the superceding SIP/SCCP referencing the deprecation of the original SIP/SCCP, or require a stand alone SIP/SCCP to be deprecated.

In the event that there is a partial deprecation of a SIP/SCCP (parts of the SIP/SCCP are to remain in effect), the partially deprecated SIP/SCCP would stay under its current header.

Technical Specification

Create new Status Header type: Deprecated

Test Cases


Configurable Values (Via SCCP)


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