SIP-217: Additional perpetual futures markets

ImplementorArthur (@artdgn)
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Second stage of futures markets rollout: add markets for SOL, AVAX, MATIC, AAVE, UNI, EUR, GOLD, SILVER.


The initial futures markets rollout (SIP-80) was done with BTC, ETH, LINK to reduce the complexity and potential for error. To satisfy the minimal useful product offering additional markets should be added.


There are multiple reasons for adding more markets as soon as possible:

  • Make the product offering more useful for traders and integrations. E.g. this will already allow constructing simple pair trades (e.g. ETH/SOL, BTC/GOLD), simple basket / index trades.
  • Allow experimenting with different market settings (e.g. funding rate, leverage) in order to address issues and find optimal configurations sooner.
  • Allow establishing pausing/resuming automation for rolling out more TradFi markets.
  • Establish a larger amount of markets so that UIs and tooling will be built with the right assumptions and features.

The additional markets to be added are chosen from:

  • Already supported Synths: SOL, AVAX, MATIC, AAVE, UNI, EUR.
  • Commodities markets with Chainlink OCR feeds on optimism: GOLD, SILVER.

Release will be done when all required feeds are available and checked for latency issues.


If pausing / resuming automation isn't ready in time for mainnet release GOLD and SILVER markets will be deployed but immediately paused until automation is reliable on the testnet deployment.

With these markerFee / takerFee:

  • SOL, AVAX, AAVE, UNI: 40 / 50 (to be adjusted in SCCPs down gradually)
  • MATIC: 25 / 30
  • EUR, GOLD, SILVER: 20 / 25

And the rest of the initial market parameters (same as current LINK market for all new markets):

"takerFeeNextPrice": "0.001",
"makerFeeNextPrice": "0.0",
"nextPriceConfirmWindow": "2",
"maxLeverage": "10",
"maxMarketValueUSD": "2000000",
"maxFundingRate": "0.1",
"skewScaleUSD": "300000000"

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