SIP-2015: Add XRP, DOT, TRX, FLOKI and INJ to Perps V2

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Simple Summary

Create Synthetix Perps V2 markets for XRP, DOT, TRX, FLOKI and INJ.


This is a proposal to offer XRP, DOT, TRX, FLOKI and INJ futures which track the price of their respective cryptocurrency.


To strengthen the strength of Synthetix Perps, it is important to offer more assets that is widely traded on other exchange to onboard more traders. Making Synthetix Perps as the useful venue for every asset.


Data was obtained on May 6th via Coingecko from following exchanges: Binance, OKX, KuCoin, Coinbase Exchange, Huobi Global, BKEX and Bitfinex.

Coin Name 24 Hour Volume
XRP $183,876,789
DOT $30,106,122
TRX $37,983,324
FLOKI $103,202,610
INJ $42,727,946


Each coin's rationale listing can be found in table below

Coin Rationale
XRP #6 in Top Market Cap on Coingecko
DOT #12 in Top Market Cap on Coingecko, first coin in Polkadot ecosystem to list on Synthetix Perps
TRX #15 in Top Market Cap on Coingecko
FLOKI One of the popular meme tokens
INJ #79 in Top Market Cap on Coingecko, Cosmos DEX Chain specialized on Perps
### Technical Specification

Implementation requires implementing off-chain oracle price feeds from Pyth Network and backup on-chain oracles from Chainlink.

Configurable values (read below) will be set in a subsequent SCCP for each market.

Test Cases


Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

All Perps V2 configurable values will be set in subsequent SCCPS for each market.

"makerFee": "",
"takerFee": "",
"takerFeeDelayedOrder": "",
"makerFeeDelayedOrder": "",
"takerFeeOffchainDelayedOrder": "",
"makerFeeOffchainDelayedOrder": "",
"maxLeverage": "",
"maxMarketValue": "",
"maxFundingVelocity": "",
"skewScale": "",

"nextPriceConfirmWindow": "",
"delayedOrderConfirmWindow": "",
"minDelayTimeDelta": "",
"maxDelayTimeDelta": "",
"offchainDelayedOrderMinAge": "",
"offchainDelayedOrderMaxAge": "",
"offchainPriceDivergence": "",

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