SIP-197: Bypass SIP presentation

NetworkEthereum & Optimism
ImplementorKain (@kaiynne)
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Simple Summary

Update governance to allow the Spartan Council to bypass the SIP presentation requirement, on the condition that the subsequent vote passes unanimously in order for the SIP to be implemented.


There have been several urgent SIPs recently which ideally would have been able to bypass presentation to the Spartan Council. One of these was a bug fix which was discussed with the council and then voted on and implemented with 7/8 members voting. This fix was implemented in less than 12 hours and did not provide sufficient oversight to the community. Another SIP was blocked for several days while waiting for a presentation to be organised. In both case the optimal solution would be to allow the Council to bypass the need for a presentation in order to urgently implement a fix, but without bypassing the established governance framework. The risk is that bypassing a presentation could allow five of eight Council members to implement a change that does not have sufficient community support and oversight. The compromise proposed in this SIP is to allow for a presentation to be bypassed but require that the Council unanimously passes the SIP with an n/n vote. It is also critical that the intention to propose such a vote is highlight to the community, so a new type of SIP is proposed, in addition to Goverance and Meta-Governance if passed this SIP will add a type; Hot-fix.


We need a mechanism to allow for urgent fixes to be implemented provided there is unanimous consensus within the Council on the urgency of the fix.



Add a new SIP type Hot-fix, and ensure that the pDAO does not implement a SIP of this type without an n/n vote in the affirmative.


There are scenarios where an urgent fix is required, while historically the pDAO has the discretion to implement a change in an emergency, this bypasses the legitimate governance framework of the protocol. However, requiring every change to go through the entire SIP flow is inefficient if there is consenus between the pDAO and the Council that a change is urgently required. This SIP proposes a compromise between these two objectives to allow for a rapid roll out of a SIP with a higher threshold of consensus, this is the same approach taken with Meta-governance SIPs which require unanimous consensus in order to pass.

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