SIP-192: Fee Pool Accounting Error Fix and Reimbursement

NetworkEthereum & Optimism
ImplementorDaniel Beal (@dbeal-eth)
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Simple Summary

Fix an error where fees from WrapperFactory are double-counted, and repay the difference to match fee address balance to FeePool accounting.


There was an error in the WrapperFactory which has caused the amount of fees collected to be double-counted. This leads to stakers claiming a higher amount than they should be able to, resulting in a loss of funds in the fee payment address.


Stakers are not able to claim when the fee address lacks the funds necessary, so we need to take action to restore full functioning of the system.

Actions Taken

  • The missing funds (currently ~$257k) will be funded to the Synthetix fee address on L2 to make up for the shortfall in fees, and to allow stakers to continue to claim for the rest of the fee period.
  • On both L2 and L1, A new Wrapper Factory will be deployed which removes the duplicate fee payment call.
  • Since the fee pool records fee paid when the treasury sends funds to the fee address, it will be necessary to reimport the upcoming fee period with the correct amount of fees to pay.

Technical Specification

PR has been created

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)


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