SCCP-300: Set council minimumActiveMembers to n-1

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Simple Summary

Set all councils' minimumActiveMembers setting to n-1, where n represents each council's current seat count.

  • Ambassador council: 4/5
  • Grants council: 4/5
  • Spartan council: 7/8
  • Treasury council: 3/4


The current minimumActiveMembers setting is 1 on all councils. With the current code implementation, this setting basically controls, when an "emergency election" is triggered upon member dismissal by the council owner. At the moment, the owner of all councils is the pDAO, but in the future it may be other entities, such as the Spartan Council. An emergency election, for the time being, is simply a fast forward in the epoch's Administration period to the Nomination period, without modifying the epoch's schedule.


Even though this SCCP may trigger a lot of concerns and discussions about the concept of an emergency election, the idea is to leave such discussions for other SIPs, and simply focus on not leaving the parameter at 1 during this epoch. The emergency election feature is clearly pretty raw right now, but having a non 1 value for this setting is a slight step forward.

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