Simple Summary

The current maxDebt was configured to be sUSD 65 million in SCCP-91 but has been surpassed, this sccp proposed to increase it to sUSD 75 million given the increased demand for shorts.


The cap if increased to sUSD 75 million allows users to take loans and shorts.


Total debt had increased beyound the sUSD 65 million maxDebt previously configured, as can be seen in the table below:

  sUSD M
ETH Collateral 8.7
sUSD 8.7
renBTC Collateral 4.4
sBTC 0.03
sUSD 4.4
Shorts 52.3
sBTC 18.3
sETH 34
Total 65.5

Therefore raising it to sUSD 75 million allows users to open short positions.

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